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Author: Lee Klancher


224 pages

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This book has the same content as Tractor, just with a different color on the cover for those that bleed red! This visually compelling ride into machine history follows the innovators, visionaries, and hucksters whose tractors transformed our world.

Starting with the turn-of-the-century pioneers who saw the potential of using four wheels and a motor to replace the horse, the book succinctly covers the power farming movement of the latter part of the 20th Century, a time when the major manufacturers were moving slowly, and independent builders and farmers created their own solutions with a bar napkin drawing and a welder. The book also recounts the stories of the butcher shop where John Deere designed a completely new line of four-cylinder tractors in secret, as well as the skullduggery and corporate raiding that took place in fields and back lots as company agents schemed to discover what that dirty old competition had up its sleeve.

From the creation of the first tractor electronics to the merger movement of the 1980s, plus the recent invention of high-technology toys such as smart farms and auto guidance, Tractor: Red Edition brings the story of the agricultural machine to life.