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Author: Michael Williams


224 pages

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From the late 19th century, tractors began to change the way that farmers worked, increasing efficiency and productivity and reducing dependence on animal power and physical labor. From crude early prototypes to powerful modern machines with a bevy of amenities, tractors have evolved with the technology of the times.

Author Michael Williams, a recognized authority on the global history of power farming, combines his agricultural background and technical writing acumen to bring readers a comprehensive look at the rise of this revolutionary machine that changed the face of farming around the world.

Inside Farm Tractors, you’ll find:

  • Steam-powered machines that gradually gave way to the first tractors
  • Profiles of prominent manufacturers and innovators throughout the decades, including Henry Ford, International Harvester, John Deere, and Caterpillar
  • Detailed photographs and illustrations of notable models and machinery
  • Technical breakthroughs, including the use of hydraulics, the advent of diesel engines, and the availability of four-wheel drive
  • The introduction of new fuel sources as alternatives to gasoline
  • Specialized tractors for orchard work, high-acreage operations, hauling, cultivating, and other farm jobs
  • The tractor industry’s major expansion following World War II
  • Modern-day tractors and an outlook on the future of farm machinery